The Soundman’s Curse

I knew the fate of my musical future was sealed, the moment he spoke those words

  • Opening for Eagle-Eye Cherry at The Olympia in Paris.
  • Opening for Shane MacGowan at the Forum in London
  • Opening for Gatemouth Brown at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco
  • Opening for Los Lobos at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz
  • Two of the nicest rock stars in the world? Bob Geldof and Peter Wolf. Total gentlemen, and treated us with humbling degrees of respect.
  • Crankiest and most demanding headliner? Diamanda Galas. Locked us out of our own backstage so she could do her “vocal exercises.”
  • Coolest backstage celebrity moment? Meeting Goose Gossage at a Texas Tornadoes show.
  • Personal biggest foot-in-mouth moment? Me, trying to tell Jimmy Vaughan how much I missed his brother.
  • Most unexpectedly excellent gig that resulted from having played at Slim’s? Getting to play a Boz Scaggs family wedding!



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Preacher Boy

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist , poet, writer. Vintage guitars, vintage typewriters, new Moleskines.